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Thank you...

to my friends and family:

I have always been a believer in giving credit where credit is due. For that reason I have decided to dedicate this portion of the site to those who have lifted me up when I needed it most, pushed me to become the best ‘me’ I could be, and served as my inspiration along the way.

To my lovely wife and little girl, thank you for loving and supporting me each day and in every way, and for always being my biggest fans!

While my family has been and will always be my greatest assets in life, I can honestly say that none of this would be possible without the help and guidance of a few patient and talented friends that I was fortunate enough to be involved with as I learned to develop my skill set and craft.

To a willing cabinet maker, who offered his time to teach me the foundations of cabinetry, and gave me the opportunity to improve through repetition in a commercial work environment.

Then there’s Jonathan McGrath Construction, a premier remodeling company that I will always and ever be grateful to for allowing me to work alongside such amazing talent as I began this journey 12 years ago. Jack and Marion are just good people and I am thankful that I still get to work on numerous custom projects with JMC. Those relationships will stick with me forever.